Popular Topics

"The Radiant Beauty of a Godly Woman"
Centered on Psalm 34:5, learn how we radiate God's beauty by releasing "shame" from our lives.

"Who Am I In Christ?"
Be released in the confidence of Christ! Freedom from the controlling fear of man's approval of us is possible when we discover the Truth about ourselves through the eyes of Jesus.

"Becoming a Woman of Captivating Influence"
Women are born with a special God-given gift of influence. Are we using it for Good or Evil? Discover how to lead like Jesus with your unique giftings and callings.

"Surviving Life's Most Embarrassing Moments"
Very fun, light and entertaining approach to teaching the principles of submission and repentance.

"The Power of Forgiveness"
Why are we wandering around in defeat when our destiny is in the Promised Land? Drink from the river of delight as we explore the power of forgiveness!

"Freedom from Fear"
Gain confidence through Christ as we step out of fear and into love, power and a sound mind.

"Recovery from Rejection"
Stop the pain! Discover the blessings of abundant life as we press through the pain and into Truth.

"Contentment in all Circumstances - Our Divine Choice"
Discover the secrets to contentment and how we apply them to our daily lives.

"Beauty for Ashes"
Where is the blessing in this trial? Discover what the Word of God says about your life and your destiny.

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