What women are saying

“I enjoyed listening and fellowshipping with Erin. She is so down to earth and approachable.”
-Covenant Church Annual Women’s Retreat

“Authentic! Strong! Sweet! Fresh!”
-Grace Chapel Women’s Retreat

“I was most moved by the Bible verses of encouragement, her honesty about her daily struggles, and her steps to hope”
-Hamilton Vineyard Women’s day

“She inspired me to be able to know the Word and speak it. Awesome teacher! ”
-Vineyard Community Church Day of Refreshing

“Erin’s message really touched me a lot. I feel that my relationship with Christ has been restored!”
-New Hope Christian Center Women’s Conference

“I truly enjoyed myself. I would love to have Erin come back. She was truly an inspiration and a person who strengthened me. I thank her for the time she took with all of us!”
-Southside Christian Church Ladies Retreat

“Passionate speaker, a pure heart for God”
-New Hope Christian Center Women’s Conference

“She was REAL!”
-Grace Chapel Women’s Retreat

“Erin absolutely radiates the love of Jesus -- of His love and compassion. I would love for people to see Jesus in me like I see Him in her”
-Covenant Church Women’s Retreat

“She was very informative in the way she presented her message. Everyone has either gone through or seen someone through the experiences she spoke about. I can really relate to Erin…her message is clear.”
-New Hope Christian Center

“I was most spiritually touched when she took time to minister to each one of us individually. I felt special!”
-Millersport Covenant Church 3rd Annual Women’s Retreat

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