Erin Campbell Ministries

Scripture Medleys

Discover the Word of God in a Fresh, New Way!

Our CD series features Scripture set to contemplative instrumental music.
The Scripture Medleys CD series, presented by Water through the Word, offers a relaxing and powerful way to experience God's extravagant love for women.  

Be Still...
Healing Scripture and Music

Jesus asked, "Do you want to be healed?"

Receive the promises of God as healing Scripture is spoken into your life. Beautiful music relaxes you while your faith is being renewed.

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Price: $12.00 (shipping included) Seal

Who Am I In Christ?
Scripture and Music

Our debut CD beautifully captures Gods heart for women answering the question "Who Am I in Christ?"

This first of the Water through the Word Scripture Medleys series for women is narrated by Erin Campbell with beautiful original musical compositions by Bill Sellers.

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Price: $12.00 (shipping included) Seal

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