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* Magnificent Worship Guest
5/1/15 - Lauren Kelly"Imagine/Create/Inspire" Bringing a message of hope and restoration!
*** PREVIOUSLY on Water through the Word Radio
01/12/14 - Kate Kelty"The Jesus Of My Grief" - Grace given to experience Gods love during great loss.
01/19/14 - David Fulcher"Life Behind The NFL" - Joined by his wife to share to truth.
01/26/14 - Joe Schneider"Faith at Work" - How live comfortably in your faith while leading others in the workplace.
01/27/13 - Carol Kent"A New Kind of Normal" - Finding a new normal following her sons life sentence for murder.
02/02/14- Kathy DiFiore"Gimme Shelter" - Interview with Kathy, the woman whose true story is featured in movie.
02/09/14 - Tony Green"Triumphant Surrender"- From suicide to surrender, powerful story of FREEDOM!
02/10/13 - Paul Heagen"Intersection of Strangers" - Reuniting with High School buddy leads to unexpected discovery
02/15/14 - Christine Caine"UNDAUNTED!" - Christine shares how she, at 33, learned she was adopted as a baby w/ no name.
02/17/13 - Catie Hartsfield"The Year of the Cicadas" - son suffers traumatic brain injury from falling off 180 ft. cliff
02/23/14 - Diane Ashley"How to Help Someone Who Is Grieving"- Know what to say or do when someone experiences a loss
03/02/14 - Laura Clock"Secrets" - FREEDOM from the shame of past abortion preceded her motorcycle landspeed record
03/09/14 - Melissa Ohden"Survived!" - Melissa was the CHILD who SURVIVED an abortion attempt on her life.
03/10/13 - Kelly Dean"Freedom from Homosexuality" - Kelly shares how Jesus changed her life forever!
03/16/14 - Kim Ingram and Donna Reinert"Prayer Partners" - Breast cancer, wayward children, divorce... Power through prayer
03/23/14 - Captain Scotty Smiley"Hope Unseen" - Details of soldiers call to action in the presence of a terrorist bomber.
03/24/13 - Anne Graham Lotz"Just Give Me Jesus!" - Anne, daughter of Billy Graham, shares her life story.
03/30/14 - Dennis Jernigan "Freedom from IDENTITY" - Freedom from homosexual lifestyle
04/07/13 - Deborah Lovett"ARISE from the ASHES" - House fire destroys everything; two treasures from God were salvaged
04/07/14 - Dennis Jernigan PART-TWO "Freedom from IDENTITY" - Freedom from homosexual lifestyle
04/13/14 - John Clancy"Surrendering Wall Street" - Stock broker makes millions, only to lose it all.
04/14/13 - Eddie Hedges "Something To Believe In" - Rock star shares salvation story
04/20/14 - Renée Bondi "Back On My Feet Again" - Quadriplegic shares about bizarre accident and how God redeemed her
04/21/13 Jennifer Oneill "Surviving Myself" - A supermodels painful journey to Freedom IN Christ!
04/22/14 - Kristi Whitworth"More Room In A Broken Heart" - Mother loses son in accident and must make difficult decision
04/22/14 - Leigh Ann Bryant"In My Defense" - Wife shoots husband in self-defense, then charged with murder.
04/28/13 - MaryAnn Waltz"Freedom from Perfectionism & Adultery"- Reveals the choices that led to affair & forgiveness
05/01/14 - Donna Thomas"Hope for Widows" - Encouraging & practical advice about how to live life after husband dies
05/11/14 - Erica Wagner "Freedom from Self Hatred" - A true Radically Undone story of freedom from lifelong rejection
05/15/14 - Josh Turner"Man Stuff" - Country Music star shares his faith, his dreams, and the lonely road to fame.
05/18/14 - Bonnie Rawling"Road Less Traveled" - Story of courage, human struggle, forgiveness, and victory in Christ!
05/26/13 - Madonna, Snow, and Elise"Behind the Scenes" - The story behind the stories leading up to the miracles of God.
06/01/14 - Jennifer Dukes Lee"Love Idol" - Letting go of your need for approval & seeing yourself through Gods eyes.
06/08/14 - Marie Monville"Amish Schoolhouse Shooting" - wife of gunman breaks her 7-year silence.
06/15/14 - Rodney & Shawna Jones"Set FREE" - From prison to freedom IN Christ... A changed life
06/16/13 - Tiffany Blevins"Night of Horror" - Gods Redemption from fatal car crash
06/22/14 - Ron Hall"Same Kind Of Different As Me" - A story so incredible no novelist would dare dream it.
06/23/13 - Lori Randall"Fighting For My Sanity" - Mrs. Oklahoma survives suicidal post-partum depression/psychosis.
06/29/14 - Mary Demuth"The Wall Around Your Heart" - Healing can be found in The Lords Prayer.
07/06/14 - Sandi Turner"A near-life experience" - A life threatening illness leads to a glimpse of Heaven!
07/07/13 - Chonda Pierce"Tragedy to Comedy" - Comedian survives debilitating depression.
07/13/14 - Bob and Audrey Meisner"Almost Broken Vows" - Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate!
07/20/14 - Laura Bonde"Jesus Loves Strippers" -Spreading the love of Jesus for those in the sex industry
07/27/14 - Christy Johnson"Love Junkie" - Finding beauty on the other side of brokenness.
08/04/13 - Lisa Kennedy w/ Christe McKittrickFreedom from Cancer Scars - How God turned fear and poor self-worth around for good!
08/10/14 - George Dennehy"Creating music from his heart with his feet"- Armless Musician Inspiring The World!
08/10/14 - Melissa Pallotta"Spiritual Blindness" - In Gods word, the TRUTH is revealed!
08/11/13 - Jennifer M. Capunitan [Bittinger]"Freedom from Betrayal" - Husband cheating with Jennifers best friend brings faith to new lev
08/18/13 - Dave Moore"The Fathers Love" - A cross-country search for his missing son... and finding God!
08/24/14 - Joe and Debra Braga"Total Surrender, Desires Included"-Take up your cross and follow HIM!
08/26/13 Jennifer Bast "Freedom from Critical Spirit" - Going from a tormented artist to worshipper of God
08/31/14 - Antoinette Tuff"Prepared for a Purpose"-Atlanta school hero shares compassion and love with a gunman!
09/01/13 - Maritza Dyer"Freedom from Brokenness" - a radical life of forgiveness and strength!
09/07/14 - Shon Hopwood"Law Man"-Robbing banks, winning court cases, and finding redemption!
09/09/13 - Carla Morgan"Freedom from Secrets" - An unexpected encounter w/God changes Carlas life forever!
09/14/14 - Cam Tribolet"Dead 13 Times"-Learning to live after dying!
09/15/12 - Deborah Ross"FREEDOM FROM ADULTERY - 18 year marriage delivered and healed by God!
09/21/14 - Lorraine Whoberry"Forgiving her daughters killer"-Healing wounds and leaving scars behind!
09/27/14 - Jan Dunlap"Saved by Gracie" Health, Happiness and God found at the paws of a dog!
10/06/13 - Tony Green "Triumphant Surrender-PART ONE" From suicide to surrender, powerful story of FREEDOM!
10/12/14 - Jim Munroe"Behind the Curtain" Real power, not magic, that leads others to Christ!
10/13/13 - Tony Green"Triumphant Surrender-PART TWO" From suicide to surrender, powerful story of FREEDOM!
10/19/14- Kate Kelty"The Jesus of My Grief" Grace given to experience Gods love during great loss.
10/20/13 - Snow WilfongPART ONE - "Freedom from Rejection & Addiction to Sex" Delivered from Swinger Lifestyle.
10/26/14- Millie McCarty and Ruth"Secrets of the Silenced Voices" Equipping an army to heal the nations
10/27/13 - Snow WilfongPart TWO - "Freedom from Rejection & Addiction to Sex" Delivered from Swinger Lifestyle
11/02/14- Kat Rosenblatt PART 1"Stolen"- Trafficking the girl next door
11/03/13 - Anne Graham Lotz "Wounded by Gods People" - Courageous interview of hope for broken hearts like hers.
11/09/14- Kat Rosenblatt PART 2"Stolen"- Trafficking the girl next door
11/16/14- Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs"I do AGAIN"- Infidelity, divorce and how Jesus provided restoration!
11/18/12 - Priscilla Shirer "Hearing God Speak" - Priscilla teaches how to hear God in every day life.
11/23/14- Daphene Jones"Our Southern Breeze"- We once were lost but now we are found!
11/24/2013 - Michelle Harbin"Freedom from Fear" - Restoring Lost Intimacy with Christ!
11/30/14- David Boudia"Team USA"- Bringing home gold and finding victory in CHRIST!!
11/30/14- Paula Friedrichsen "A Season of Breakthrough "- Finding freedom from painkiller addiction!
12/01/13 - Madonna Kohnen"Freedom from SELF"- God transformed Madonna from "self-help" to Jesus Himself!
12/02/12 - Joyce Meyer"Look Great, Feel Great" - Joyce teaches how to live well!
12/07/14- Ms Brenda and Shay"The Loveladies"- Providing hope for the hopeless
12/08/13 - Stephanie Fast "Extreme Survival" - Abandoned at age 4 and left to survive alone
12/14/14- Shannyn Caldwell"The Healing Season"- Healing in the midst of a storm!
12/21/14- De Ron Smith"Innocence of a Child"-On his knees in a jail cell changed his life FOREVER!
12/22/13 - Tajci "Painful Price of SUPER Fame" - Pop star leaves communism to become anonymous, poor & content
12/29/13 - Liz Curtis Higgs "Bad Girl to GOD Girl!" Liz humorously shares how drugs and rock & roll led her to Jesus!
12/30/12 - Connie Ciccone"Faith It Out" - God rescues child from horrific childhood and teaches how to love.
9/29/13 - Karen Couch"Freedom from the Occult" - How God delivered Karen from New Age and the Occult.
08/03/14 - Anne Graham Lotz"Heaven-My Fathers House" - The hope of Heaven brings peace to this trouble world!
Rachel Joy Scott"Tragedy at Columbine" - The story of Rachels life.
Joyce Olver"Tragedy 911" - Flight attendant scheduled on American Airlines Flight #11
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