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On November 15, 2004, WTSJ 1050 AM Cincinnati's Christian Talk Radio began broadcasting a new Christian talk show called "Water through the Word", hosted by Erin Campbell.

"Everyone has a story", says Erin Campbell. "This is a safe place where Christians can get "REAL" about their life.

Each 60-minute weekly program features a special guest interview, followed by a teaching from Erin’s Deeper Living Discipleship Series.

"Our special guests are not celebrities," says Campbell. "Even Hollywood stars must agree ahead of time that the image of “celebrity” will end the moment our producer turns this microphone on.  No matter who is in that seat, they immediately become everyday men and women, like you and me, sharing the radical changes Christ is now working in their lives. We are all parts of the Body and we all experience joy and pain, love and loneliness.  We have all suffered isolation, illness, persecution and rejection, yet, we are not afraid to admit our weaknesses and dependencies because we have found TRUE freedom and a changed life through our faith in Jesus Christ! God's love is so healing.  We all need encouragement from time to time and testimonies are such a powerful way to minister God's love."

When asked what prompted this project, Campbell replied, "Every day, we are bombarded by the lies of the world;  lies about how to measure beauty, worth, roles and purpose. We suffer greatly, but when the Word of God is spoken directly into our heart, the lies begin to lose their destructive power over us. When we TRULY come to know "who we are in Christ", divine contentment and spiritual growth is generated. I want to provide a national platform for believers to share their stories, to “shout from the rooftops”, to testify to the world how their lives have been radically transformed through faith in Jesus Christ."

If you are interested in sharing your personal story of faith on the program, please contact us by briefly filling out the form below. The process is very easy! Just write what comes freely to your mind. Don't be afraid, your story could change the lives of many to come!

Today, Water through the Word RADIO is heard nationally on SiriusXM: Family Talk -  Channel 131 on Sunday mornings at 11:00am (EST), reaching over 22.3 million listeners in every city, in every state!   The impact of these testimonies and teachings upon our listeners can never be measured.   We at Erin Campbell Ministry, are focused on only one thing; Jesus Christ… one soul at a time.

(All information is kept confidential, until you are ready to share your story on the air.)

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